Frequently Asked Questions

How is Naturopathic Medicine different from conventional medicine?

Both naturopathic medicine and conventional medicine fall under the scope of western medicine. Western medicine uses biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, pathology, cell biology, etc to determine the cause of illness or disease. Western medicine also uses labs such as blood work and diagnostic imaging to make a diagnosis. Under this umbrella of western medicine both naturopathic medicine and conventional medicine have the same criteria for diagnosis and use the same pathophysiology to understand disease and illness. The difference is in the treatment. Naturopathic medicine tries to determine the root cause and attempts to use the least invasive treatments. It focuses more on diet, lifestyle, mental/emotional factors and prevention.  Conventional medicine tends towards the treatment of symptoms and can use more invasive treatments.  Both are great forms of medicine for different reasons and situations.  I believe conventional medicine is brilliant for acute trauma or extremely progressed disease. Naturopathic medicine is wonderful for chronic illness and prevention.  A individual does not always need to choose one or the other both can work together at times to maximize health and wellness.


Is Dr. Squires a primary care physician?

Dr. Squires is trained as a primary care physician and that is her scope of practice in the state of Washington. She can handle many of your primary care needs and questions, however she requests that you maintain a primary care doctor for an annual physical exam, Pap smear, prostate exam, etc.  Dr. Squires also does not provide acute care services.  She is happy to work with you closely as a consultant and coach in preventive, nutritional and functional medicine to help you address the roots of chronic health problems. She is also happy to confer with your primary care doctor and any other specialist if desired.


What Should I expect for my first visit?

The first visit will include an extensive medical history intake. I will probably ask a lot of questions other healthcare providers have not asked you before. This is so I can determine the root cause of your illness and get an idea of the mental/emotional/physical picture and how it all fits together.  I will also be determining both an Eastern and Western medicine diagnosis and treatment plan. The first visit will also include a physical exam with any appropriate adjustments and finally an acupuncture treatment.


What kind of conditions do you treat?

Balanced Medicine Clinic evaluates, assess and treats   chronic   problems   such   as   fibromyalgia,   fatigue syndromes, autoimmune  diseases, inflammatory disorders, mood and behavior disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), seasonal allergies, chronic pain and other chronic complex conditions.  Dr. Squires also focuses on the prevention and treatment of heart disease, diabetes, dementia, hormonal imbalances and digestive disorders.


How may I purchase supplements?

Dr. Squires has extensively researched supplements and recommends only the highest quality of nutritional supplements.  You will receive an email with the recommended supplements using You will create an account and then have access to this online dispensary. After ordering the supplements they will be shipped to your home.


How will lab tests be performed?

Some  testing  can  be  done  through  conventional  laboratories  and  others  are  only  available  through specialized medicine laboratories. During your medical consultation, Dr. Squires will determine which tests are needed and review with you testing recommendations, instructions (ex. fasting or non- fasting, etc.) and costs.  Some testing requires collecting saliva at home.  Others may require you to go to a local laboratory to have blood drawn.  In all cases, we will assist you in coordinating initial and follow-up testing.


Do you take insurance?

Balanced Medicine Clinic does not accept insurance;  does not file insurance claims on your behalf; nor do I assist with claim resolution.  However, a detailed receipt of services performed and proper insurance coding will be provided and you can submit this to your insurance carrier. For assistance with your reimbursement you may want to contact your insurance provider. I expect payment in full by check or cash due at the time services are provided.


Why should I come to you for prolo or platelet rich plasma injection therapy?

The treatment of prolo or platelet rich plasma predominately effects ligaments, tendons or the cartilage within a joint.  Unless the joint is properly aligned allowing for optimal function injection therapy to that joint should not be performed.  You cannot have proper function without correct structure in the body and vis versa.  At Balanced Medicine Clinic with my extensive training in physical and sports medicine I will do any appropriate orthopedic testing and joint manipulations to ensure your body is in proper alignment before injection therapies are performed. This will allow for better results and improved healing.


Does acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture is considered to be painless, however, with stimulation, the movement of qi for a patient may cause a sensation that has been variously described as heaviness, distention, tingling or electric. This sensation may only be at the location of the needle or may travel up or down the meridian (energy pathway) that is being affected this sensation is what the acupuncturist wants to happen for the patient as it is a sign that the patient’s qi is adjusting towards balance.